Company culture: Core value #5

Contractor team

Our 5th and final core value is “helping our customers by solving their problems with a forward thinking mindset.” This core value is important to us because it shows that we are always up for a challenge and finding the right solution for it. It also allows us to further work as a team.

Often, roof issues are easy to spot. Missing shingles, hail damage, cracked vent pipe, etc. What happens when there is a leak, and the solution isn’t obvious? 

Our team is trained to ask questions and look for clues. We have been in business for many years, and we utilize those years of experience and share that knowledge to solve our customers’ problems. If one team member is not sure of the answer, they will bring the issue to the entire team, and we will discuss possible solutions. This has been a valuable tool for us. 

We have also built a network of trusted professionals in the construction industry who we can reach out to at any time to gain additional information. We are not afraid to tackle difficult problems, and we enjoy the challenge. It also helps us learn and become better for the future. Nothing makes our team happier than knowing we have helped someone, especially through something that was challenging!

We at Land Enterprises Roofing expect challenges to occur (it’s a part of life), but we are always prepared to find the right solution for our customers, whether it be working as a team or using other reliable resources. We are motivated and dedicated to solving problems, whether they are quick and simple or challenging and unique.


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