Company culture: Core value #4

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Our core value #4 is, “Working together as a team doing our part, through trust in each other and the system.”

Through the years, as we were building Land Enterprises, we developed a system that begins with the first phone call, continues to the final payment of a completed project, and includes all of the steps in between. We have worked tirelessly on our core system because customer service is one of our main focuses. We aim to please each and every customer, no matter the size of their project. 

For this core system to work, every member of our team needs to learn it and implement it into their daily behaviors. That requires teamwork. Just like a football team or basketball team, every player has a position to play. If they don’t play their position well, others have to step in to help. 

At Land, we require our team members to study and learn their roles so they will be good members of our team. If one member has to fill in for them frequently, that is not good for the team nor the customer. 

Therefore, trust must be built between each of our team members. Trusting that your teammate will show up every time for the team and our customers creates a wonderful work environment. 

To build trust amongst our team members, everyone agrees to a conciliation clause. This clause states that we will stand shoulder to shoulder, believing the best in each other. If an issue arises, Land employees are encouraged to speak to that person directly and approach them in kindness, assuming the best about that person and working for a positive outcome. 

That has made our environment a pleasure to work in. None of us are perfect, and it’s okay to make mistakes or feel frustrated, but we need to seek the best solution and ask for forgiveness when necessary.

The culture at Land allows us to hold each other accountable, work hard, and put a smile on our customers’ faces.


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