What is fascia on a house?

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There is a lot that goes into building a home, especially the components of a roof. Because there are so many components, it’s hard for you to keep up with roofing terms and parts of your roof. We really don’t expect you to!

But, if you’ve ever been around a contractor, there’s a chance you’ve heard the term “fascia.” Fascia plays an essential role in your roof’s structure. 

What is the purpose of fascia on a house?

Fascia is a common term that contractors use, and it refers to the board that sits under the edge of your roof or roof lining. It is typically a horizontal piece of board covering exposed roof rafters, cavities, and trusses where the rooftop meets the exterior walls. 

When it comes to building a house or maintaining a structure, fascia runs behind gutter and offers protection and shielding from exterior elements. Fascia is usually the first thing to be damaged, especially by moisture. 

Benefits of fascia on your roof

Because fascia serves as a barrier, protecting your roof and attic from potential damage, it has different benefits that come with it.

  • Makes your home safe and condensation-free: Fascia helps correct the air circulation in your home, protecting it from moisture and mold. 
  • Protects your home from structural damage: Without serving as a barrier, your home could be severely damaged by bad weather. Interior water damage can be costly, timely, and even unhealthy.
  • Adds value to your home: Fascia gives your home a clean appearance, and homeowners will be relaxed knowing they have this added protection. 
  • Lower utility costs: This is more of a long-term benefit, but because it helps your home to efficiently operate airflow, you could have a lower energy bill.

Fascia is an essential element when it comes to protecting your roof and home. If you find that the fascia on your roof has been damaged or you suspect a leak, Land Enterprises Roofing can help. We have extensive knowledge and experience with fascia, and we would be glad to help. 


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