Company culture: Core value #1

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At Land Enterprises Roofing, we have a list of core values that are essential to our business. Our core values exist to help us better serve our customers, and we want to provide the right solutions for property owners and their needs. We have five core values, and we’ll start by introducing the first and the role it plays in our company.

Core Value #1: Doing the right thing and what we say we’ll do so as to not compromise the integrity of our customers’ homes

Integrity is a must-have at Land Roofing. Our founder, Brian Land, believed integrity was very important. He treated each customer with care and respect as he prescribed the best solution to resolve their roofing needs. 

We continue that tradition today by doing what we say when we promise it. This is important to us because we know there are many options for roofing companies. 

We want to be known for being one of the best because we are true to our word. We are committed to doing the best we can for each customer and ensuring they are communicated with in the way that they prefer.

We believe in the Platinum Rule, which is: Treat people the way they want to be treated. We listen to our customers’ concerns and find the solution that best fits their needs. This helps our customers to be good stewards of their homes.

We pride ourselves on being an Oklahoma roofing company you can trust.


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