Granule loss from shingles

Colored roof granules

As a homeowner, it’s crucial to recognize warning signs of a damaged or weathered roof. Often, people will find granules that have fallen off their roof but aren’t sure if it’s something to be concerned about. 

The answer? It depends. Here are a few reasons you may find granular loss and whether or not you should be concerned. 

New roof

Granular loss from new roofs is very common. When shingles are manufactured, granules embed themselves into the asphalt, but sometimes, not all of them embed and interlock. The granules that don’t interlock will usually come loose during packaging, shipping, or even installation. 

If you’ve just installed a new roof and notice granules falling off, don’t worry. However, if it continues for an extended period and there are many fallen granules, you should get it inspected.

Aged or weathered roof

Granule loss is part of your roof’s natural aging process unless the shingles appear to be failing too early. It can also be from harsh weather, such as exposure to hail, rain, or ice, which is also common depending on where you live.

Over time, the bond between the granules and asphalt starts to deteriorate, which loosens the granules and causes them to fall off. If granular loss becomes extreme, it may be time for repairs or a new roof.

Batch problem

When any product is manufactured, they typically come in batches. So, when a group of shingles is made during the same production time, it’s considered a batch. If you install shingles from different batches, they will have different aging times and rates. 

Granules are different colors and make up the color of your roof. This makes it easier to tell if it’s a batch issue because different sections of your roof might look noticeably different—patchy—which means that one batch has started deteriorating, which means it’s time for inspection.

There are other minor reasons your roof could be losing its granules, but these are the most common. Granule loss is nothing to be alarmed about, but be sure to keep an eye out. If you are concerned about your roof’s granular loss, please feel free to reach out to us for an inspection. We’d love to help!


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