Law & ordinance on roofing insurance policy

hole in a roof due to storm or decay

If you’re shopping around for home insurance, you want to make sure that you have great coverage, especially when it comes to your roof. It can be overwhelming and maybe even confusing if you don’t know what to look for. Many people have home insurance but aren’t aware of their full policy and what exactly it covers.

Building codes and standards

Building codes are what specify the minimum standards for the construction of buildings. They serve as a model for legal jurisdictions when developing regulations. Their main purpose is to protect buildings, people, and property from any extreme event, such as a fire or tornado. 

Building codes change over time, and it typically includes:

  • size of rooms
  • foundations
  • floor plans
  • roof structures 
  • mechanical and structural assemblies

If your building does not comply with the current building codes, you can be fined and end up paying more for repair or rebuild if an extreme event were to happen. Most home insurance policies give you the option to add building code coverage to help cover any additional cost of repairing your home up to code. 

Roofing insurance policy

Law and ordinance coverage is a common property insurance endorsement that gives property owners reimbursement for costs associated with repairing, rebuilding, and more. It’s typically in line with local building codes. When you’re reviewing insurance policies, whether it’s going to be new or a renewal, look for law and ordinance first.

If your home is damaged, law and ordinance coverage can help protect you from increased costs. Many insurance carriers usually consider this coverage an improvement to your property rather than a repair. Without law and ordinance, you will have to pay any additional cost that your insurance doesn’t cover, and it can be expensive.

Some insurance policies renew automatically, so if you don’t already have law and ordinance, add it to the following year’s policy. It’s a lot cheaper to add it than pay out of pocket for any unforeseen damages. 

Not everyone is aware of this because people tend to focus more on lower prices, but this coverage will benefit and save you more money in the end. Be an educated customer who is aware of your entire policy.


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