Should you pressure wash your home?

Man pressure washing gutters

Some homeowners typically brush past the idea of power washing their homes, but it should be a part of your home’s maintenance routine. I remember being woken up by my son from a nap one day, saying he wanted to see what would happen if he sprayed a can of orange spray paint. 

It was all over the porch and grass, and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get it entirely removed. The answer was pressure washing!

Benefits of pressure washing

The exterior of your home is exposed to harsh elements more often than not, especially your roof. The sun, dirt, wind, insects, pollutants, and more can contribute to the damage that may occur to the exterior of your home. Pressure washing:

  • Prevents and removes damage
  • Primes surfaces
  • Protects your health
  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Increases property value
  • Keeps you from having to repaint so often
  • Saves money when done routinely
  • Gives great curb appeal

How often should you pressure wash?

Sometimes, it can be challenging to know how often you should pressure wash your home. You can do it as needed, but you will get the most benefits if you do it routinely. As the seasons change, you will want to add pressure washing into your schedule. If you are undecided on when to do it, here are some signs to look for:

  • If you live by a dirt road, try to pressure wash every 2-3 months.
  • If a lot of trees surround your house, watch for sap buildup.
  • If big storms occur, they can cause dirt and debris to stick to your home.
  • After hot or humid rain, your home is more susceptible to mold and mildew.

Homeowners should consider routinely pressure washing their homes simply because of how many benefits it has. It can even help get remove old and new paint or oil stains from previous years, though it takes more time and work.


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