Why routine roof maintenance is important


If you’ve ever gone through the headache of roofing issues, you probably know how in-depth and costly it can be, especially if you don’t perform routine roof maintenance. Our routine roof maintenance program acts as a preventative action to ensure your roof is protected, looks great, and has an extended life.

How often should you inspect your roof?

Roof maintenance plans typically range anywhere from one to four visits a year. Most people tend to choose the plan that includes two visits a year, depending on location, weather, or current issues. You can do self-checks to see if there is anything you notice right away, in addition to hiring a professional to check for any problems that may not be as obvious.

What roof maintenance includes

Roof maintenance includes a thorough inspection of the roof, but it comes with more than just an inspection alone. Each roof maintenance visit includes:

  • Cleaning and removing debris from gutters
  • Cleaning the eaves and valleys of the roof for efficient water flow
  • Cleaning the skylights
  • Trimming trees that may be touching the roof
  • Inspecting the chimney and sealing any exposed nails
  • Inspecting rubber pipe boots
  • Inspecting attic vents for cracking, flaking, and rusting
  • Inspecting for animal damage or roof penetration
  • Inspecting shingles for curling, cupping, flaking, tearing, or splitting
  • Checking for buckled roof decking

Regular maintenance helps prevent long-term and costly issues that may arise with your roof. It also helps ensure that the roofing material manufacturer will honor their warranty and extends your roof’s overall life. It saves time and reduces your risk of injury when climbing on the roof. If you need minor repairs, we can include that in your maintenance plan. If there are larger issues, we will discuss the problem and recommend the right course of action to provide the best maintenance possible. 


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