Roof ventilation and maintenance

Attic vent and roof

Whether they know it or not, a key roofing issue many homeowners face is proper ventilation in their home. This is especially true in Oklahoma, as our homes deal with both high humidity and high temperatures in the summertime. But even in the winter, proper ventilation is important to prevent moisture buildup.

Common ventilation issues

Some of the problems we’ve seen in neighborhoods during our years in business include…

  • Homebuilders not installing enough intake or outflow ventilation
  • Too many cuts and levels in roofing surfaces
  • The second floor is always too hot
  • High energy bills in general

That’s right, ventilation problems don’t just affect your attic! They can make your entire home retain too much heat and drive up your cooling costs. Thankfully, those are all problems experienced roofers can help with.

A popular ventilation option

One popular option for better ventilation is powered vents. These are fan systems that plug into your home’s electricity.

On the pro side, they are popular because they can help ensure your home is receiving proper airflow to cycle air, reduce moisture buildup, and as a result lower your home-ownership costs. The two major cons are that this type of system adds to your electricity bill and it can be hard to tell if they stop working.

Even if you have passive — or non-powered — vents, your home should still have 1-square-foot of venting for every 150 to 300-square-feet of your home.

Another option for roof ventilation is using solar power. Atticbreeze has products we’ve installed before that work very well for our customers. There is even an option with their products to install a monitor that you can use to check moisture levels and adjust fan settings.

Roof maintenance and repair

Here at Land Enterprises Roofing, we offer roof maintenance plans. We can come to your house a couple times each year to make sure you don’t have any ventilation issues that result in excess moisture. Since we’ve been working in the industry for so long, we can also tell you when your powered vents have stopped working.

If you’re getting a new ventilation system that’s powered or solar, we can often work with your preferred electrician to install your new system. Passive vents can also be a great option as well.


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