Do I need multiple estimates on my roof?

Insurance adjuster inspecting

Years ago, there weren’t nearly as many roofing insurance adjusters. So when homeowners had damage to their roofs, it was common practice for the insurance companies to tell them to get three estimates. That would help the insurance companies verify that there was actually damage and also get a good idea of what the actual repair costs should be.

When you don’t need multiple estimates

Insurance companies have shifted from that old model to a model where they have their own adjusters come to look at your roof. At that point, you really just need one roofer who will come out and inspect your roof to see what the damage is. You don’t need to go price shopping because the insurance company sets their price-point based on what their adjuster says.

After your adjustor has recorded the damage, your roofer can then file supplements for any additional damage they see that the adjuster missed. A good, professional roofer will be able to work with the insurance company on your behalf and get legitimate damages taken care of.

When you do need multiple estimates

If you are paying cash for repairs, not involving the insurance companies, and don’t have a roofer you already know and trust, it may make sense to get multiple estimates. That can help you be sure you’re getting a reasonable price for the best product you can afford.

Another case where you may want multiple estimates is when your roofer tells you that your roof isn’t totaled, but all your neighbors have had their roofs totaled. Since the houses in your neighborhood were all hit by the same hail storm, get a second opinion before you call your insurance company.

Remember, as soon as you call your insurance company to send an adjuster out, you’ve actually filed a claim. That’s why we generally recommend you call a roofer before you file a claim, so your insurance won’t go up unnecessarily.

When to call your roofer

Often insurance companies will only include immediate damages or repairs. Let’s look at a dormer to understand what that means.

A dormer is a moored structure that sticks out from a pitched roof, generally containing a window. Dormers have wood siding, which means they also need flashing.

During a storm, a dormer’s flashing can receive damage, shingles on it can be damaged, the wood it’s built with can be damaged, and material under or around the wood can be damaged.

When adjusters create their report, they will only include repairs to the dormer that they can see. But anyone with experience fixing dormers knows that you usually find damage under the surface as well. In fact, repairing only certain portions of the dormer can actually cause other portions to break later on.

When an experienced roofer uncovers that additional damage, he will record the newly discovered repairs and file a supplement with your insurance company to make sure you’re properly compensated.

If you work with an experienced roofing company like Land Enterprises Roofing, we will protect you from spending too much on unnecessary expenses. That includes reducing your risk, making recommendations on products, and simply advising you on what actions to take when you need roof work done.


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