Is the roof you’re buying right for your home?


Replacing your roof can sometimes be a stressful experience. You might be worried about how long it’s going to take and how much it’s going to cost. Unfortunately, you might also be worrying about whether or not the roof you’re buying is even the right roof at all.

Often roof buyers get in a situation where they’re not entirely comfortable with their purchase but feel like they just have to trust that the bill of materials provided to them is what they need instead of what the roofer is trying to clear out of their warehouse or what provides the highest profit.

The best roof for your home

There is no best roof or roofing material that is perfect for every home or every situation. However, there may be a roof that’s perfect for your situation.

To get there, it’s important to make sure you hire a roofer who asks you the right questions and appreciates the uniqueness of your roofing project.

They’ll take things into account like:

  • Your budget and priorities – It doesn’t matter how awesome a particular brand of shingles is if they are outside of your budget. It also doesn’t make sense to buy the cheapest materials possible if you’ve got a budget that allows for quality materials. If green materials or aesthetics or other factors aren’t important to you, there’s no point in your roofer selling you on those features.
  • Local climate – Most roofers factor in heat and cold when selecting materials, but what about the other weather factors that affect Oklahoma? High winds and frequent hail storms should be factored in when picking roofing materials. If you’re roofer hasn’t brought it up, it may be worth asking about impact-resistant materials that fit Oklahoma’s weather.
  • Your home – What direction does your home face? What’s the slope of the roof? How much tree cover do you have? There are specific materials choices that need to be made depending on the answers to those questions. You might not care about these specific details, but you need to make sure that your roofer does.

Ask for a conversation, not a quote

We don’t know what the right roofing materials are for your home until we visit with you. Sometimes that’s a bit frustrating for people calling us looking for an instant quote or bid. Obviously, we could provide a number off the top of our heads, but that would be a complete waste of our customers’ time – it wouldn’t represent the roof they actually needed.

Having a discussion gives us the opportunity to find out if you should even be considering us as an option. We’re not the right roofer for every home and it helps for us both to find out if we’re the right roofer for you early on, rather than rushing through the sales process and finding out we’re a bad fit later on.


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