Keeping Your Home Fire Resistant


As we all know this has been an extremely hot summer with hardly any rain.  As a result, most of the counties in Oklahoma have had to ration their water.  This also means that many homes and properties are at great risk from wild fires.  Did you know that keeping your gutters and valleys free from debris will lesson your fire risk? Having dead leaves and sticks accumulate on your roof and gutters is a serious fire risk.  All it takes is one spark and your precious home is in danger.

Our project manager, Todd Davis, saw it happen while he was helping fight wild fires in Harrah.  The homeowners were dousing their homes and yards with water when one of the homes had a spark land on a pile of dead leaves and pine needles that had accumulated in their gutter and valley.  The spark caught the pile on fire and consequently caught the eave on fire, then the house.  Todd said that flying embers ignite debris quicker than shingles, had the debris not been there they may have had more of a chance to protect their home from this disaster.  Keeping your roof and gutters free from debris also protects the shingles from unnecessary damage that may shorten the lifespan of your roof and is not covered by your insurance.

At Land Enterprises Roofing we inspect many roofs every year that have premature wear and tear due to tree branches and debris accumulating in the valleys of the roof and gutters.  This is why we created a roof maintenance program for residential homes.  We know many homeowners do not have the time or the desire to climb a ladder to perform these kinds of chores.  If you are interested in learning more about this program or would like a free roof inspection check our website; or call our office at 359-3951 today.


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