Our Brand New Roof Maintenance Program is a Hit!


As some of you may have seen or heard, Brian Land (owner/founder of Land Enterprises Roofing) has recently been featured on local newscasts to introduce our brand new, first in Oklahoma, Roof Maintenance Program.  This program offers homeowners the opportunity to never step onto their roof again!  This is a concept that many homeowners have appreciated since they have worried about their spouse or partner climbing a ladder to clean gutters or remove debris from their roof.

We offer 4 packages with the investment starting at $195. Each package includes a 12-point-roof inspection, cleaning the gutters and skylights, caulking if needed, and inspecting the roof for leaks or any potential problems.  After each inspection you will receive a report outlining the findings in the inspection.  Customers who are enrolled in this program also receive discounts for any needed repairs or re-roofs.  Eventually all homes need to be re-roofed but this program will help prolong the life of your roof and may prevent any interior damage that can occur from a leak by catching it before it ever starts!

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