As seen on TV; “warning for homeowners with a newly roofed home”

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This past Saturday morning I was enjoying my breakfast while watching the local morning newscast. The teaser before going to commercial was “Warning for Homeowners with a Newly Roofed Home”. Being a co-owner of a roofing company, I was intrigued and refrained from turning the channel. When the show returned I learned that a local resident with a newly roofed home had her heater checked by ONG and they found that the gas vent pipe was loose. Had she turned on her heat she would have become sick or even died from the exposure to the gas. While I was happy that this didn’t end in tragedy, I was feeling relaxed because this is something that we always check for at the conclusion of every roofing project.

The gas pipe vents the natural gas from your heater out of your home through the roof. This can become loose when the roofers take the nails out of the pipe flashing during the tearing off process. When the pipe is loose, gas can be released into your home and you may never know until it is too late. Brian (owner/ founder of Land Enterprises and my husband) recognized the seriousness of this situation years ago and requires the project manager to schedule an appointment with the homeowner at the end of each job to do a ‘walk through’. The walk through includes inspecting the gas vent pipe. If the customer or the project manager has any concerns about the placement of the pipe we immediately call Michael Fore with HVAC Solutions Heat & Air to inspect the unit and make sure that it is operating correctly. This service is offered at no expense to our client. To ensure that this process is not skipped or forgotten our project manager is required to have the client sign a form acknowledging that he/she did inspect the pipe with him and there are no concerns.

Our dedication to your safety and customer satisfaction is just another reason why Land Enterprises is the best choice for your roofing needs!


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