How does insurance work?

Damage circled on roof shingles

With storm season approaching, it is essential to know that any sign of missing or damaged shingles isn’t always an immediate reason to call your insurance at their 1-800 number.

When homeowners experience roof damage, it is essential to understand the insurance process because it can help them make informed decisions about their roof repairs or replacement.

Insurance policies and processes can be complex, and understanding the details can help homeowners avoid surprises and misunderstandings.

Before filing a claim

The first step is to contact a roofer you know, like, and trust. Anytime you call the 1-800 number, you are not just getting advice; you are also filing a claim, which may be unnecessary or unwanted.

A roofer will evaluate whether the damage amount is worth the claim’s cost. Just because you see some shingles blown off your roof does not necessarily mean that the entire roof needs to be replaced, and it may just require a repair.

If a roofer determines that the roof is beyond repair, they will advise you to have an adjuster visit your property.

When filing a claim

At this point, you should contact the 1-800 number and provide them with the date of the loss.

If you need clarification on the date of the damage, your roofer can provide it to you. This is helpful because people are often away or asleep when the damage occurs. To determine the date of the damage, Land Enterprise Roofing uses a weather mapping system called Hail Trace that can identify the date, size of hail, wind speed, and other relevant information.

Once the homeowner has the date, they can provide it to their insurance company, and an adjuster will contact them to schedule a time to inspect the roof. 

It’s essential to have the roofer present during the inspection so they can act as an advocate and ensure that the damage is assessed correctly.

After the adjuster approves the claim, they will send a scope document that itemizes everything they will pay for, including the quantity and type of shingle. This document should be given to the same roofer you hired, so they can compare it to their notes and pictures and identify any discrepancies.

If additional damages were not covered in the original scope, the roofer could start the supplementing process by providing pictures and other documentation to the insurance company.

If the adjuster says there is insufficient damage and you disagree with the findings, you can request another inspection. Often, the claim will be approved upon the second inspection, although there may be cases where it is not. However, if you have sufficient evidence to support your claim and show significant damages, you can receive approval for the claim.

The payment process

After receiving approval for the claim, the next step is to set up the work to be completed. In most cases, there will be a supplement because additional damages may be discovered during the roof repair or replacement. The payment process for these supplements is known as “pay upon occurrence,” where payment is made as the work is being done, and pictures must be submitted to the adjuster to verify the charges.

Ensuring the insurance covers all necessary repairs, such as a steep roof charge or ice and water shields, is essential. Sometimes, the insurance company may need to learn about certain damages, and pictures must be submitted to prove their existence.

If you have a mortgage, the insurance company may send the claim funds to your mortgage company, and you will need to work with them to release the funds. Your roofing company can assist you in navigating the process.

Getting the work done

Before the work begins, the insurance company will typically send a first check. Once the work is completed, the roofing company must sign a completion statement, and they will submit it to release the next tab.

You want to choose a contractor that can help you through all these stages because having someone who knows what they’re doing makes all the difference in whether or not it’s a good and successful process.

We at Land Enterprises Roofing can help simplify the process and ensure the repairs are completed to a high standard.


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