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You’ve probably heard the adage, “the early bird gets the worm.” When it comes to the lifespan of your roof, finding leaks or other damage early can prevent more significant problems from occurring later. In 2010, our late founder, Brian Land, saw a need to help homeowners maintain the quality of their roofs and created our roof maintenance plan to make it simple for families to keep their homes safe and dry.

When you notice a leak inside your home, there is probably damage to your shingles and your attic that you hadn’t noticed. The same is true of many other issues that can go wrong with your roof. For the homeowner, there are lots of disturbances that can cause substantial problems for your roof, including: 

  • Clogged gutters
  • Animals and pests making a home in your attic
  • Cracked vent pipe boots
  • Trees or tall bushes rubbing against shingles and soffit

Unfortunately, many of these common problems are not covered by your insurance carrier, but the good news is that these things are entirely preventative! When Brian created our roof maintenance plan, he wanted to help our customers prevent these issues before they become big and expensive problems. 

Our maintenance plan

Twelve years after we started offering our roof maintenance plan and a few revisions to our initial program, we have found that checking our client’s roof once a year is just the right amount. Depending on Oklahoma weather, we typically work with our clients to schedule an in-depth inspection in January or February once all leaves have fallen. 

We thoroughly inspect the roof, specifically looking for potential issues that can cause a leak. Throughout the inspection, our team will take pictures and document the roof’s current condition, and then it’s time to get to work. We remove debris from the gutters, trim back irritating tree limbs, seal areas that could cause a leak, repair nails, clean skylights, and check flashing around the chimney. 

Once we finish the visit, we send our clients a report and copies of the pictures we took during the inspection. Aside from the repairs part of the maintenance plan, if our team has recommendations for repairs, we will review those with our clients. 

All information collected during the inspection is stored in our system. This information can be beneficial if a client later needs to file a claim with their insurance company. We will work with our clients to provide documentation that the client maintained their roof, and the adjuster can see “before” pictures to assist in accepting the claim. 

Our roof maintenance plans ensure that your roof stays secure and that your insurance has a good paper trail to get you covered when you need it most. It is important to note that insurance typically covers sudden loss and damages like a hailstorm, tornado, fire, or other natural disasters. If a homeowner neglects their roof, insurance will not cover that. 

For more info about our maintenance plans, give us a call! 


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