Do homeowners get a choice?

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House fires can be very traumatic, and the aftermath of it all is stressful and frustrating. Recently, we had the opportunity to help a family whose house burned down, and we were able to fully and successfully replace their roof. 

What many people don’t know is that they have the option to choose between a restoration and roofing company to fix repairs. There are distinct differences between the two, and it’s important to know your options.

What is roof restoration?

When some people see signs of wear and tear on their roof, their immediate thought is that the roof will need to be replaced, but that isn’t always the case. Roof restoration refers to maintenance on a damaged roof, meaning that the roof isn’t being fully replaced. A roof, such as one that has fire damage, could benefit and be saved by restoration. However, a roof that needs to be fully replaced would benefit more from a roofing company. 

Roof restoration is an option that you should consider, but it isn’t always what’s best. It depends on the situation and the current stage of your roof. 

When should my roof be replaced?

A roofing company does it all, whether you need minor repairs, restoration, or a full roof replacement. It all boils down to whether your roof will need to be restored or replaced. So, when is it time for your roof to be replaced?

If you start seeing wear and tear on your roof, have a roof inspector visit to do a proper, thorough inspection. It’s better to rely on professional opinions. If the damage is minimal, restoration is typically the way to go. If the damage is extensive or the roof is nearing its lifespan, a roof replacement would be best. 

Routine maintenance on your roof is extremely crucial, especially when it comes to extending your roof’s life. Keep in mind that you as a homeowner have a choice in choosing whether or not you want to choose a roofing company or a restoration company. Find a company you trust!


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