Why have a broker’s open house

Seller in front of an open house sign

An open house can do so much more than just help you sell a house. Let’s talk about why you should consider having a broker’s open house.

How networking makes you feel

Do you find networking scary? Fun? Motivating? Everyone seems to have a different reaction when they go into a networking situation. But for real estate professional, it should really get you going.

For us at Land Enterprises Roofing, we network a lot with people who sell homes. So if we can go to a place those people are already gathering, we end up being able to help a lot of people.

Often roof issues are discovered during a home inspection when selling a home. The seller may need a quick solution in order to keep the closing on schedule. That’s where we come in.

Since we attend brokers’ open houses on a regular basis, we have built relationships and rapport with all sorts of real estate professionals. Through those connections we are able to serve so many who need our roofing expertise.

Let’s face it, when you align yourself with other well respected individuals, everyone comes out on top. It doesn’t matter if it’s the buyer, the seller, the real estate team, a home inspector, the mortgage broker, or the insurance agent. We all come out on top when we can work together more efficiently and effectively, and that takes true professionals. And plenty of networking for those people to meet each other!

It’s a great time!

A broker’s open is actually a pretty fun time! Each of the businesses participating donate something toward the event. It might be a gift card, bottled water, lunch, or something else. Whatever it is, the individual business owner has a pretty low investment, which makes it affordable for all participants. And it’s a great draw for those who do attend.

When you go to a broker’s open, you get to meet people, eat delicious food, and tour a beautiful home. We have strategic partners that host these events on a regular basis. And we’re always looking for additional agents to work with and professionals to help us host them.

Believe it or not, the size or price of the home doesn’t matter! Our team has hosted broker’s opens for larger, higher priced homes, as well as for smaller, moderately priced homes. The idea is to get that property top of mind, to build relationships through the networking with other professionals, and to have fun while helping the listing agent!

If networking is important for you and you are a real estate professional, consider having or attending a broker’s open. It’s well worth the effort and a great time!


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