Solarbord to Reduce Your Energy Costs


About sevens years ago Brian and I built our first home.  It was a lot of fun hand picking  all of the details that went into building our house.  One item that was a no brainer was our choice to use Solarbord decking sheets.  The Solarbord is a radiant barrier sheathing that is applied to one side of the decking and then installed sheathing side down.  The radiant sheathing acts as a barrier to the radiant heat from the sun.  The manufacturers boasts that their product can actually block 97% of those rays which means the attic is 30 degrees cooler and so is your home. 

Using this product reduces your cooling costs during the summer and holds in the heat during the winter.  It also prolongs the life of your heating and air system while increasing the efficiency of your duct work.  The best part is that there is no maintenance and the sheathing does not deteriorate over time.  Adding Solarbord to your next roofing project won’t increase your labor bills either since it installs just as easily as decking without the sheathing.

For more information on this product visit their website; or stop by our to see a sample in our showroom or give us a call (359-3951) and we can answer any questions that you may have.


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