Contractor Registration now required for all Roofing companies in Oklahoma!

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 Starting January 1, 2011 all roofing contractors have to be registered with the state of Oklahoma.  Some of the requirements are to have worker’s compensation insurance and general liability insurance to name a few.  This new law was passed by the Oklahoma State legislature to protect its citizens from roofing contractors that have little to no coverage.  As we all know when storms hit our great state contractors of all kinds from all over the country come running to get their share of the work.  Often these companies do not have the proper amount of insurance and this can put your home and finances at risk.  Another problem that often occurs is after they finish the job they move on to the next city.  A customer recently told us that they were planning on using one of these out of town companies because they said they were committed to being  in town for at least one year.  This person delayed the work for a couple of months and when they were ready, found out that this company had already left the state.  Warranties offered by out of state companies are only good if someone is around to honor the warranty.  To protect our citizens from these kind of scenarios, the state requires that all roofing contractors renew once a year.   Failure to comply with this new law may result in a fine and a charge with a misdemeanor. 

As part of the law registered contractors have to display their number on all vehicles and promotional materials including yard signs to show they are in compliance with the law.  Roofing companies that are registered are also given a registration card to show their customers.  We are proud to announce that Land Enterprises Roofing has received our contractor registration number and it is #0030.  We not only met but exceeded the qualifications because we carry $1,000,000 in general liability insurance and the state requires only $500,000.  While we never want to use our insurance we carry this amount to protect our customers in the event that something unfortunate does happen.  It is just another way that we are looking out for the best interests of our customers


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