Celebrating 30 years of Land Enterprises Roofing

by: Kirsten Land on October 18th, 2016 about General

30th-cakeDid you know that Land Enterprises Roofing is 30 years old this year? In honor of those 30 years, here are 30 things you may not know about our team!

You may have met us in person, but do you know why we’re proud to work at Land Roofing? Or what we do with our free time? Or what advice we have to offer?

Get to know us here!

Todd Davis – Project Manager

todd-davis1. I’ll go the extra mile to make to make a customer for life. I appreciate working at an honest company with loyal employees and subcontractors!

2. I have one grandson who plays all sports. I enjoy going to all his games and spending time with him at the lake.

3. I have a cabin at the lake, and I love to spend a lot of time there with family and friends.

4. I enjoy hunting and fishing with my dad and grandson.

5. I like going to the dirt sprint car races.

6. I was a volunteer firefighter for 21 years in my community.

Heath Clark

heath-clark1. I started with Land Enterprises in May 2016. I came to work here because of the high level of integrity, sound and consistent business practices, and their heart for taking care of customers regardless of cost.

2. My wife, Jennifer, and I have a son named Tyler.

3. My family is passionate about foster care. We have been foster parents for 5 children, and look forward to the blessing of taking on others when the time comes.

4. I am a cancer survivor. I beat stage 2A Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2001-2002.

5. I like to play golf, but am nowhere close to good at it!

6. When dealing with roof issues or questions, it is always best to contact a trusted resource. I’m proud that Land Enterprises is a trusted resource for many customers, realtors and insurance professionals in the greater Oklahoma City Metro area.

paula-bufordPaula Buford – Office Manager

1. I’ve been with Land Enterprises for 4 years and it has been the best experience. I love to help our customers and work on a team that cares about the customer.

2. I am a grandmother of 5 grandbabies ( 3 girls and 2 boys).

3. I play the drums at church.

4. I love to read and sit by a body of water.

5. I love to volunteer to help others.

6. If you are frustrated with dealing with insurance companies or mortgage companies when it comes to your claim, let me help. I can take the pressure off and deal with them for you.

kirstenKirsten Land – Vice President

1. I’ve been married to Brian for 18 years. We met at the Subway restaurant on campus corner in Stillwater. My job was to train him as a subway sandwich artist. I like to tease him by telling people that I am still training him!

2. I was a special education teacher for 12 years. My last position was with Edmond North High School working with freshman. I loved my job but left to raise our kids and help Brian with Land Enterprises.

3. I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and moved to Stillwater, Oklahoma when I was a sophomore in high school.

4. My dad worked for NASA in the astronaut office and has written over 40 children’s books about science.

5. I part-time homeschool our boys, who are 8 and 9 years old. They attend school two days a week and are home with me for three days, where I follow their teacher’s weekly lesson plan.

6. My advice to homeowners is to make sure your house has enough roof ventilation. Without proper ventilation your home can’t breathe and it could lead to a host of problems including mold, rotting soffits, thermal cracking, and gradual loss of shingles.

brianBrian Land – Owner & President

1. I was born in Oklahoma City and moved to Edmond when I was 8 years old.

2. I love to play basketball and play at a local gym 3 times a week.

3. I am huge fan of Oklahoma State University sports.

4. I am the third base coach for my son’s baseball team. No matter how busy I am with work I always make time to be at every game!

5. My favorite animals are dogs. When I started my company I had a Labrador Retriever named Boo. He went to work with me everyday!

6. Have a roofer you know, like, trust and value inspect your roof before you file a claim.

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How Land Enterprises Roofing began

by: Kirsten Land on October 4th, 2016 about General

about-usAt Land Enterprises Roofing, we’re celebrating 30 years of business this month! Brian Land has long been driven by entrepreneurship and giving back to the community.

In fact, it began fairly early in Brian’s life!

Early entrepreneurship

Brian always knew he’d run his own business some day. His dad, who worked two full-time jobs, always encouraged Brian to be his own boss. While his dad never started his own business, he was very passionate about Brian being able to do it.

This made such a big impression on Brian that he became an entrepreneur at a young age with a paper route. In 5th grade, his mother drove him to the local Otasco to take out a loan to buy a bicycle. He used this bicycle to run a paper route for the Edmond Sun that he would ride every day after school. He used his profits from his route to pay off his bicycle loan, and eventually decided that the paper route was interfering with his free time after school so he quit that job and started a business he could do during school.

So Brian started selling Hershey chocolate bars. He bought the 6 pack bars from TG&Y and sold them for a dollar each. He was able to make more money and didn’t have to give up his free time to do it! But then he found an even better opportunity with higher profits: selling cinnamon toothpicks. From Edmond, Brian would ride his bike to Quail Springs Mall to buy cinnamon oil. He bought a large pack of toothpicks and would make cinnamon toothpicks at home to sell at school.

Unfortunately, Brian eventually had to stop selling them when he was given in school suspension because a student rubbed his eye and the cinnamon oil irritated his eye. This happened twice, in fact!

Roofing to serve the community

Brian started roofing on his 17th birthday. He really enjoyed working on a team and completing projects. While in college at Oklahoma State University, he started his own company at the age of 19. Brian’s first company name was “Land Construction.” Brian earned a degree in Business Administration Management with a minor in Economics while he was at Oklahoma State University.

Brian would be called out to many repairs in his early roofing days. Many of the repairs were due to nails that were shot too high into the shingle, or shot at the wrong angle or with too much pressure. He saw numerous instances of blown-off shingles caused by nail guns, which why Land Enterprises Roofing uses hand nailing on roofs to this day. Hand nailing a shingle allows the roofer to feel the correct pressure and see proper placement of the nail.

Before starting his own company, Brian worked on two different roofing crews with different bosses. Each boss taught Brian proper methods for roofing, but more importantly, each boss desired to serve his community with integrity. Their example of great character instilled in Brian the desire to have a servant’s heart. He wants to be known for being honest and a helpful member of the community.

Fun fact: Another person on our team, Paula Buford, also sold cinnamon toothpicks in school! Check back in a couple of weeks to find out more fun facts about Land Roofing staff-30, in fact, to celebrate Land Roofing’s 30-year anniversary!

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