Our Process

Quality Work

Every house is special and to every person that house is their home. Working hard to complete tasks on time and on budget, while respecting your property, is important to us. During the process, our job sites are kept clean and safe to minimize the impact on you and your neighbors. Upon project completion, we will thoroughly clean your property.

Step 1

process-1Prior to re-roofing your home, the materials will be delivered to your house. The project manager will call and let you know when to expect the delivery.

Step 2

process-2At the beginning of the day when we start your re-roof process, our project manager and the roofers will protect the garage doors, pool and air conditioners to ensure their safety during the tearing off process. After everything is safely covered the team will begin tearing off your roof. We never tear off more than we can re-roof in a day. This protects your home from any sudden storms that may occur over night.

Step 3

process-3After the shingles have been removed the team replaces any damaged decking. Next, they put an ice and water shield underlayment on eaves, valleys and cover the rest of the decking with a high quality felt or synthetic felt. Then they begin hand nailing the shingles. We only hand nail to ensure that the shingles will stay on the roof even during strong winds. Applying shingles with a nail gun requires that the person operating the nail gun adjusts the power throughout the day. If not enough or too much pressure is used, the shingles will fall or fly off over time.

Step 4

After the roof is completed, the team will clean your yard of any debris. The project manager will inspect the yard for any items that may have been overlooked. He will also need to inspect, with you, your home’s gas vent pipes to make sure they were not disturbed during the roofing process. This step ensures the safety of your family.


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