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by: Kirsten Land on February 16th, 2016 about Roofing Advice

Certified stampChoosing a reputable roofer can seem like a daunting task. There are so many roofers, and especially after a severe weather event, you’re likely to see signs all over town advertising different companies who are doing work even in your own neighborhood.

So, how do you decide?

HAAG certification

One way is to find out if a roofer is HAAG certified. HAAG certification is an option program for roofers and inspectors which increases their knowledge of determining and evaluating damage. It takes an investment of both time and money and must be renewed each year. In order to even qualify to take the courses, a roofer must have already completed 100 residential roof inspections.

What's the benefit?

How does it benefit you to have a HAAG certified roofer?

Aside from additional knowledge, hiring a HAAG certified roofer can save you money. By learning to identify and properly evaluate damage, a HAAG certified roofer knows the difference between natural and manufactured damage. This affects whether you file a homeowner’s insurance claim, or a warranty claim.

Contact a roofer first

Many homeowners don't realize that by filing a claim on your homeowners insurance - whether or not there are damages or repairs made - your rates can be affected. Contacting a roofer first can help you avoid an unnecessary claim on your homeowner’s policy. Contacting a HAAG certified roofer gives you a much better opportunity at having the damage evaluated properly.

If a roofer determines there is damage which should be covered by your warranty, then they just saved you from the expense of an unnecessary insurance claim. Proper evaluation of damage could also mean the difference between a repair and a full replacement of your roof. Both of these examples have a significant difference in cost: warranty vs insurance claim; repair vs. replacement.

Land Roofing & HAAG certification

At Land Roofing, we have found great value in HAAG certification and receiving the training each year. We also work closely with our real estate agents and other partners to offer free inspections for any home getting ready to go on the market. These inspections can go a long way to save both headache and financial cost along the way.

As you're deciding what roofing company to use, be sure to make sure it's local and licensed, but also HAAG certified. This helps ensure you're hiring a reputable roofer.

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Don’t let your roof delay your home sale

by: Kirsten Land on February 2nd, 2016 about Roofing Advice

Sold homeWhen you decide to sell your home, many things are likely to cross your mind, the least of which is your roof. Let’s face it, it’s not like you see it very often. It’s easy for it to slip your mind when you’re ready to sell your home.

Unfortunately, many closings are delayed or canceled due to roofs. But with a little foresight, your roof doesn’t have to stand in the way of you selling your home.

Here are 4 easy tips to help ensure you have a smooth sales and closing process for your home:

1. Review claims

Do you have any outstanding claims? This can sometimes happen after a hail storm. The homeowner calls to report damage, a claim is filed, but the repair or replacement has not yet happened.

Often times, this is because the homeowner only has minor damage and another storm season is just around the corner, so they delay the process of repair or replacement in hopes of avoiding having to go through another claim.

Unfortunately, any open claim can prevent you from selling your home. In addition, if you choose to not do the necessary repairs and do suffer additional damage, your insurance company could refuse future claims or even cancel coverage altogether.

2. Cooperation is good

If you or your real estate agent have decided to have the roof inspected, be sure to have not only the inspector there, but a trusted roofer as well. Contrary to popular belief, this will not cause discrepancies. In fact, it will ensure you’re being taken care of.

Inspectors are tasked with inspecting many things - they are not roof experts. Having a roofer there will help to be sure that damage is correctly identified, and that cost is accurately determined. A trusted roofer will also be able to help determine if any damage identified is insurable damage, or if it is damage that could be covered by your warranty - thereby saving you from unnecessary expenses.

3. Partnerships can benefit you

The real estate agent that you are working with will most likely have a good working relationship with a roofer. Ask your agent about this! Often times, a reputable roofer will have an agreement with agents to offer a free roof inspection. This will let you know in advance any issues you may be facing.

Learning early on that you need repairs or replacement will save you from losing the sale at closing.

4. Use experts

Many home owners trust that inspectors and adjustors know what they’re talking about. When it comes to insurance, they do! But they aren’t experts at every aspect of a home.

Most often, that comes into play regarding the expense to repair or replace your roof. An inspector will not know many of the costs associated with the process. They also recommend a repair, when really you need a replacement - or vice versa. Either way, the cost will be significantly different.

By keeping just these four thing in mind as you prepare to sell your home, you will ensure that your roof is not the cause of any delay in the closing process.

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