Pre-winter roof maintenance

by: Kirsten Land on November 17th, 2015 about Residential Roofing, Roofing Advice

Roof in winterWhile it seems like fall just started, winter is now around the corner. And that means it's roof maintenance time! While that does mean we're going to bedding our bi-annual roof inspections for our Roof Maintenance clients, it also means it's a good time for you as a home owner to do the same.

So for you DIY people, here's a list of things you can do yourself to keep your roof operating as it should throughout the winter.

1. Trim Tree Limbs

Take this time to trim any tree limbs or branches away from your roof and any nearby power lines.

As those of us living in Oklahoma know, we have severe weather of all types. Rather than just hoping mother nature doesn't cause any damage, be proactive. Cut any tree limbs that could potentially fall on your roof or power lines.

2. Clean the Gutters

Whether you have trees near the house or not, it's important to clean your gutters. But to be safe, do it when nearly all the leaves have fallen off nearby trees. You definitely don't want to waste time cleaning your gutters just to have leaves fall right back into them.

And if your gutters aren't cleaned before the first snow or ice storm, you run the risk of damage from ice dams.

3. Inspect Roof

Finally, inspect the shingles on your roof. Look for curling, cupping, flaking, tearing, splitting, or blistering. And if anything looks suspicious or deformed at all, give a professional a call to investigate further.

And if you're not a do-it-yourself type, we would be happy to help! Read more about our Roof Maintenance plan.

Regardless of who does it, regular roof maintenance is important for the health of your roof. A healthy roof means your home will stay protected!

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Holiday lighting options

by: Kirsten Land on November 3rd, 2015 about General

Holiday lighting on a houseHappy Holidays! That’s right, the holidays are fast approaching. Before you know it, you will start to see decorations everywhere! Wreaths, light up reindeers, blow up Santas and more. While it is very popular to decorate the outside of your house for the holidays, is the roof really a good option?

Maybe not. You could be damaging your roof and not even know it!

When homeowners are decorating their houses for the holidays, many use a staple gun to secure the lights on the roof. Unfortunately, that’s not a great idea.

Whenever you put that staple in your shingle, you’re puncturing the shingle and creating the opportunity for leaks in your roof. It is best to avoid putting lights directly on your roof because of the damage that would arise over time.

No need to fear, there are other options to suit your decorating needs!

One great option for lighting is to use clips that attach to your gutters. This still allows the lights to be displayed from the top of the home with no damage to the roof. If you decide to use gutter clips, be sure to use proper equipment to ensure your safety. Always remember, safety first.

Another great option for holiday lighting is the Star Shower light. This product has laser technology to project colored lighting on the entire home. This product is a great alternative to using lights on the roof or gutters. Plus, you can use this lighting for other holidays as well.

If you don’t want to opt for the Star Shower light, there are always yard decorations that light up as well such as reindeers, snowmen, and other various decorations.

As always, if you happen to notice anything odd about your roof, please do not hesitate to give us at Land Roofing a call. If you need a new roof soon, remember to keep the lights off of the roof and gutters. Keep this in mind especially if you pay a service for holiday lighting. You wouldn’t want to pay someone to put them up, just to take them back down again.

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